Margaret Apt

Margaret Apt grew up at Sipayik, where her first language was Passamaquoddy. Her work at the tribe's museum and on the dictionary project [as Community Research Coordinator] have given her ideal opportunities to fulfill her responsibility to learn and pass on the language, culture and traditions, as she was taught. She teaches Passamaquoddy at Shead Memorial High School, in Eastport, Maine. As a wife, mother, and grandmother she is also passing the language and traditions on through her family.
(- from Peskotomuhkati Wolastoqewi Latuwewakon / A Passamaqoddy-Maliseet Dictionary, published by the University of Maine Press and Goose Lane Editions in 2008).


Deanna Francis

Deanna Francis is a lifelong resident of Sipayik, a Passamaquoddy Elder and spiritual leader of the tribe with a strong commitment to protecting the Earth and preserving and promoting the Passamaquoddy language. She is an osteopath and a native healer. Deanna leads ceremonies for the Passamaquoddy people and is often invited to other parts of North America to speak and sing and pray.


Julia Schulz

Julia Schulz is Co-Founder and former Director of the internationally-known nonprofit Penobscot School of language learning and cultural exchange in Rockland, Maine. During her sixteen years as Director of Penobscot School, she created innovative language immersion programs in English for foreigners and in a variety of foreign languages for Americans. A teacher of French for over 20 years, Schulz has led numerous immersions for American adults and college students in Guadeloupe and Montreal.
Trained as an anthropologist (M.A. McGill University 1985), Julia conducted ethnographic research in French-speaking Acadian communities in Northern Maine and in Augusta, Maine with Franco-American mill workers. In 1999 she began developing language reacquisition programs in former French-speaking communities in Central Maine. Since then she has applied her approach to language revival in Native American and French communities in other regions of Maine, Rhode Island, and Louisiana.